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PiAfrica returns to Mauritius 15-16 March 2023, for the 6th Annual event. Network with industry leaders in institutional investment.

Globally assets under management in alternative investments are projected to reach $17 trillion by 2025. Institutional investors in the region are seeing positive alternative investment performance. Alt investing as a strategy is surging ahead.

Africa is one of the world’s hot regions for insurance. Steady economic growth in most countries combined with a largely underdeveloped insurance sector has positioned the continent as the second-fastest-growing region for insurance globally after Latin America. With deepening market penetration, the bulk of growth in Africa is expected to come from pensions and individual life insurance. Africa remains a largely underinsured region fuelled by a rising middle class.

PiAfrica 2023 will provide the latest industry insights and delve deeper into:

  • The growing appetite for private equity
  • The promise of infrastructure – infrastructure debt and project bonds
  • The development of innovative financing structures
  • The focus on operational efficiencies
  • ESG and Impact investing
  • Institutional investors’ view on the level of transparency across alternatives investment types and the drive to standardisation
  • Meeting the needs of asset owners

Join us in Mauritius in March 2023

With inspiring, knowledge professionals and great sessions, this is definitively an event worth attending.

S. Becker, Managing Partner, Moravia Capital Investments

The conference discuss was amazing especially @Nicola Comninos presentation or explanation during the deliberation on Capital Mobilisation, Preservation and Growth – Managing Risk for Maximum Returns

It was a pleasure attending the 5th Pension Funds and Alternative Investments Conference and being part of your amazing team. I really enjoyed my time with you and interacting with the participants. There are a lot of takeaway lessons which I will apply in my professional life, at Kwacha Pension Trust Fund and the pension association in Zambia. I look forward to attending the 6th edition of the conference next year.

Nchimunya Monde, Kwacha Pension Trust Fund

The key takeaway is simple, pension funds are here to stay, and they have a big role to play. Investment returns matter therefore diversity is critical but so is innovation because diversity will not come out of a vacuum. We are operating in Africa under challenging macro environments with small economies exposed to major geopolitical events. Demography is on our side because on average the pension funds are young so if you do take long-term positions we are likely to weather the short-term storms

Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Director, Africa Finance Corporation.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate – from what I could see it was a really well organised, professional event and it was evident that the attendees enjoyed and found benefit from it. Good luck for the next event!

Dr Ronel Williams, Head of Client Legal & Administration, Trust|Qore