Samuel Waterberg

Chief Executive Officer, Peoples Pension Trust, Ghana

Samuel is a Ghanaian who lived in the Netherlands for 22 years. He has a master’s in Strategic Management from the University of Tilburg, the Netherlands, and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Samuel is a banker by profession. Before returning to Ghana, Samuel worked in the Rabobank in Netherlands for 7 years, in the position of Relationship Manager Corporate Client, responsible for medium-large companies and institutions.

Samuel has a broad experience in the management of SME companies in various sectors, such as health care, financial service, production companies, transport and high-tech companies.
In 2011, Samuel returned to Ghana to set up the Diagnostic Centre (a health care company) in Accra and became General Manager. Diagnostic Centre (DCL) has become a market leader in its high-end technology sector, under the leadership of Samuel. DCL has received several awards for operational excellence, quality assurance and leadership.