Mahesh Doorgakant

Managing Director, APEX Fund Services, Mauritius

Maheshwar Doorgakant is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. He is the Managing Director of Apex Fund Services (Mauritius) Ltd (“Apex Mauritius”), which forms part of the Apex Group ( which has offices in various jurisdictions including New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland.

Mahesh holds a number of directorships on the Boards of numerous India and Africa focused funds and companies through which he has acquired extensive experience and knowledge on key industries in India and its principal capital markets as well as Africa.

Mahesh is the vice-president (previous president) of the executive committee of the Association of Trust and Management Companies of Mauritius and is the vice-president of the Mauritius Society of Chartered Accountants. Prior to joining Apex Mauritius, he was the Group Financial Controller of a major listed group in Mauritius. He had also previously managed another Mauritian Management Company specialising in the management and administration of Global Business Companies.