Alex Burn

Director, Malaczynski Burn Risk

Alex has over 28 years of investment experience. Alex spent much of his career at one of Malaczynski Burn’s competitors, Alexander Forbes. While leading the development of various products and services offered to clients he advised corporate clients on investment and tax issues. When South Africa lifted exchange control restrictions, Alex established and ran Alexander Forbes International, now known as Investment Solutions Jersey Limited, a multi-national, multi-manager firm. He was also the fund manager responsible for a Jersey-based multi-manager global equity, bonds and cash fund. All of these leading-edge developments required a detailed knowledge of tax and investments, regulatory compliance and all within a global and local context. Alex lectures in multiple forums and has presented international papers on various Investment and Tax matters. His recent focus and papers are on the importance of, and development of, Ethics in the Educational Environment and on Societal Mathematics. With broad and deep investment knowledge he spends much of his time developing transparent and cost-efficient asset liability driven solutions for balance sheets. His focus is on ensuring transparency, cutting cost and mitigating risk through simplicity. Alex’s insistence on understanding client’s needs enables him to design or assess developments in the asset management, banking, sovereign and insurance space. Insisting on understanding suppliers in this space; asset managers, banks and insurance companies, creates a broad knowledge for efficient implementation of the corporate advice work that Alex conducts. His counsel is also sought at a governmental level where his strategic thinking and ideas on FDI, Tax and Competitive Strategy is sought, He is a well-recognized for his participation in African Investment Conferences on how Africa can develop Africa. He is a UCT guest lecturer discussing the impact of education and developing effective pedagogy. He has spent his last 14 years as Managing Director of Malaczynski Burn (Pty) Limited Group and when not travelling moves between Hilton in the KZN Midlands and Cape Town.