Thierry Zablith

eFront-BlackRock’s Business Development for Continental Europe

Thierry Zablith, is responsible for eFront-BlackRock’s Business Development for Continental Europe and Africa. He earned his MBA from top French school ESSEC and has built his career around the development and implementation of IT solutions covering capital markets and ERP ever since. Over the years, he was exposed to different types of operations, from business process re-engineering projects to cost and timely focused agile projects. With a large portfolio of clients blending front/middle office users and big industrial actors, Thierry acquired extensive experience in leading teams and managing projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner. An avid traveler and sailing enthusiast, he enjoys working within a team and considers work to be driven by passion and dreams. Since 2014 Thierry has been heavily involved and focused on business development in a family business based in the middle east and focused on emerging markets and ERP solutions. Over the years Building sales skills by providing buyers with the right software solution, Thierry has joined the sales team of Blackrock in 2019 and is part of eFront solutions, a solution dedicated to the alternative market where he covers EMEA markets.