Ross Saunders

Director, Global Technology Services, Cura Software Solutions

In his capacity as Director of Global Technology Services for Cura Software, Ross manages the Product Advisory Board and related functions, the implementation of technology within Cura’s business process, Cura’s customer support, and the organisation’s compliance to privacy regulation and information security. He has a passion for people, technology, innovation, and the bridge between them that makes business tick.

Ross holds a Master’s Degree in the Management of Technology and Innovation, and is a certified Managing Successful Programmes practitioner. He believes in using a systemic approach to business and technology in that everything is connected and no function should be seen in isolation. He has a keen eye for new developments, and is a firm evangelist of using modern technologies in business.

Cura Software is a leading provider of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Risk-based Audit software solutions, implemented across more than 250 enterprise customers globally. These solutions offer a clear picture of risk across the organisation which leads to better decision making and risk management. Cura enhances visibility into business activities and allows for information to be easily consumed and actioned, enabling better business performance and managing the uncertainty of risk.