Nzomo Mutuku

MBS, substantive CEO

Nzomo Mutuku is since May 1, 2017 the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Retirement Benefits Authority in Kenya. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Mutuku worked at the National Treasury as the Senior Advisor, Financial Sector and Acting Director, Financial and Sectoral Affairs Department working on policy matters relating to financial sector development including financial inclusion, efficiency and stability. Previously he was the Chief Manager, Research & Development at the Retirement Benefits Authority and has also worked in the Research Department of the Central Bank of Kenya.

Mr Mutuku holds a Masters of Arts degree in Economics as well as a first class honours Bachelor of Arts (Economics) degree from the University of Nairobi and a Certificate in Digital Money from Tufts University. He has also undertaken training in pensions and financial markets in various countries including the UK and Canada and at Harvard University and the Wharton Business School in the United States.

He has authored a number of paper on financial sector issues including “the Case for Consolidated Financial Sector Supervision in Kenya“ and “the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Pensions Sector in Kenya” which are widely quoted in the region.