Norbert Stelzer

Managing Partner, Moravia Investments, Germany

Following a successful career as a chartered accountant at Ernst and Young in Germany and the USA, Norbert started his life in private equity in 1987. He held senior positions in private equity and corporate finance at Matuschka Group, the first German company to invest into MBO, Venture Capital and Fund of Funds. He co-founded and managed Odewald Hammermann & Stelzer, at the time the largest independent private equity fund in Germany and then worked as a Director of the highly regarded investment bank Deutsche Handlesbank. He has been a well-respected and influential member of the international private equity community for nearly 35 years and is the Co-founder of Moravia Capital AG and Moravia Capital Investments AG. Moravia offers solutions to pension funds, institutional investors and family offices to find the right approach for their Private Equity portfolios.

Norbert has extensive experience in establishing and managing private equity funds in Germany and has been heavily supported by institutional investors and family offices from Europe, USA and Middle East for raising capital for his own funds and for the funds of his clients. He has substantial knowledge and implementation of negotiating, structuring and closing mid-cap deals, including spin-offs, MBOs and MBIs, IPOs and public take-overs, mergers as well as restructuring and has been on the supervisory board of several companies.

Norbert holds a business degree from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and an MBA from Kansas State University (USA). He lives in Munich, is married and has two children and enjoys skiing, sailing, mountain-biking and also pursues more classical interests such as theatre, art and reading.