Approved by:

Bilal Adam


at Stewards Investment Capital

Stewards Investment Capital is boutique investment advisory firm with a 20-year legacy within the Stewards affiliation of companies. With a strategic presence in Mauritius, South Africa and USA, we specialise in crafting tailored investment solutions for high-net-worth individuals, pension funds and institutional investors for optimised risk adjusted returns. Guided by a commitment to be a catalyst of growth for our clients, our investment advisory team navigate the financial landscape with a high-alpha approach to deliver tangible value and performance for our clients.

Our purpose revolves around the stewardship of your wealth, maximizing and preserving assets for current and future generations. Renowned for our unconventional and innovative investment strategies, we offer market-leading solutions that reflect our commitment to delivering distinct value.

Our flagship investment solutions offer attractive fixed income yield opportunities, participation in the equity market upside through strategic themes with downside protection, and access to exciting new markets including digital assets which have delivered stellar returns. Providing our investors with early access to emerging investment opportunities and trends is a cornerstone of our approach. We were amongst the first investors in the digital assets space and were early investors in the growing private credit trend.

The Stewards affiliation of companies has multiple financial services licenses and business in South Africa, Mauritius and USA with operations spanning forex, trade finance, investment management, micro finance, private credit, payments, market maker and liquidity provider.