Actuarial Society of South Africa Alternative Investments Forum

The Alternative Investments Forum is one of the practice area committees within the Actuarial Society of South Africa, mandated to use a combination of actuarial techniques & professionalism to assess the suitability of alternative assets for pension funds/institutional investors. Our main focus is on three core asset classes:

  • Infrastructure,
  • Private equity/venture capital,
  • Hedge funds

Our activities within the asset classes are centred around:

  1. Professional Industry Partnerships – engaging with & leveraging professional synergies in the pensions & alternative investments space, with industry bodies & the regulator (e.g. providing feedback on legislative issues; co-hosting professional trustee training events)
  2. Communication – increasing knowledge of & awareness around alternative investments to stakeholders (e.g. via media engagement; holding industry seminars/sessionals)
  3. Research – enabling the production of relevant research, both at various universities across the country and by qualified working members of the profession
  4. Education – ensuring the core actuarial syllabus for actuarial science students & prospective actuaries remains relevant and up to date

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