Where in your opinion would you like to see more meaningful policies and regulations in Pension Fund investing?

Policies and regulations that would contribute to a country’s developmental goals, as well as encourage the achievement of target replacement ratios, especially for DC funds. Policies around compulsory preservation is also meaningful.


Where do you see the major advancements in pension policy and oversight playing out over the next few years?

The implementation of Risk based supervision and the supervision of large pension funds that may be considered systemically important financial institutions. Also, how pension funds investments may be used to achieve other national objectives.


In terms of the tax treatment of pensions where can improvements be made?

More favorable tax incentives for retirement saving so as to encourage more savings and preservation, and less leakage (early withdrawal).


What is your view on Government mandated pension contributions?

Would work very well with automatic enrolment, where it is mandatory for all employees to save for retirement (other than voluntary system).


Where would you like to see the alternative investment allocation in PF investment? 

Infrastructure and manufacturing development, especially for emerging markets, as well as unlisted investments with the aim of deepening the financial markets.


What would you say is the role of the conference for you on the above? How this conference will help you achieving these objectives? What outcomes would you expect from the conference?

Pension funds, as sources of capital, should play a major role in the economic development of a country, and thus the conference should focus on how institutional investors can contribute to developmental needs of a country without compromising on the main objective of providing adequate deferred salaries to retired members.

Name Erna Motinga

Position Deputy CEO, Prudential Supervision, Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (NAMFISA)