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Tender News: SADC Water Project

Urgent TENDER NEWS – DFID calls for £29m climate-resilience SADC water project

The UK’s Department for International Development is moving into Phase 2 of its Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF) for Southern Africa, and is launching a GBP29 million public-private partnership (PPP) project which it expects to start in December 2016 or January 2017.

The “early market engagement event” will be on 9 September (9:30-noon BST), to provide more details of Phase 2 to interested participants. Contact Ali Stevenson for further details and to be forwarded the event invitation.

The aim is to award the contract before 9 January 2017.

According to the notice issued 23 August, phase 2 of the facility “will build on the strong momentum achieved under the first phase”. It will include:

  • Scope and design small-scale and strategic water infrastructure with a regional benefit across mainland Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries
  • Link water-infrastructure projects to traditional and innovative sources of finance
  • Supervise the construction of water-infrastructure projects, where appropriate
  • Provide technical assistance to relevant organizations to improve their operation, management and planning for water infrastructure
  • Improve decision-making in relation to water infrastructure through providing knowledge products and better data.

It adds: “The contract is anticipated to start around December 2016 and span a period of 36 months with a possible extension of up to 36 months subject to satisfactory performance, continued need and availability of funding.”

Indicative results expected through the African PPP project CRIDF phase 2 are:

  • 100 water infrastructure projects advanced through the design chain, 25 of which are brought to “bankability”’ within the programme lifetime
  • 2m-3m people better able to cope with the impacts of climate change (in the face of increasing likelihood and intensity of floods and drought)
  • GBP 400m of public or private finance influenced and/or mobilized for climate-resilient planning and infrastructure.