Announcing the 3rd Africa event series – Pension Funds and Alternative Investment Africa Conference

AMETrade Ltd is delighted to announce the dates of the 3rd installment of Pension Funds and Alternative Investments Africa Conference. The International event returns to Mauritius on the 20 and 21 March 2019 moving to a new location – The Hilton Mauritius. Pension Funds and Alternative Investments Africa is a global conference dedicated to the facilitation of discussion and advancement with leading pension funds, fund managers, asset managers and regulatory and administration heads. It is an annual showcase of the leading experts that come together to enhance and shape asset allocation, risk management, equity, real assets and risk management and analysis. Pensions Funds have entered a dynamic highly complex cycle, driven by a strong USD, rising oil prices and growing inflation and interest rates. A completely new world is unfolding for pension funds that will require more adaptive investment, risk management and analysis.  These challenges, compounded by an ever-increasing negative to low return environment highlighted by liability growth versus assets are presenting a new paradox, one where retirement of the masses starts presenting itself as an anomaly. As this reality plays out, immediate solutions that can reduce the liability and asset gap must be found.  Fund Gaps in the current economy and slow adaption can be pinpointed to high asset valuations, continued, synchronised global growth, political uncertainty, trade war escalation, strong USD, central bank unwinding QE, and rising inflation and interest rates. However, as these gaps widen, alternative assets become prevalent in plugging the asset and liability gap.  New data sources and emerging technologies are enabling much more insight into alternative asset performance. Critical Alternative asset allocation will facilitate and promote the progression of pension funds through a two-day conference with over 100 participating organisations, highlighting their solutions for today but also for tomorrow through this innovative and disruptive platform. Mega pension funds from across the continent will kick off the event with our Keynote sessions, discussing the macro-topics of the community with an engaging audience. Looking at how African Mega funds are handling the most pressing issues of today, such as searching for returns in a global low return environment, “Hunt for Yield”, Pension Design from developmental investments, private debt, mezzanine finance, low cost beta products, deal flow and searching for equity, as we look very urgently at covering the asset and liability gap. Pension Funds and Alternative Assets Africa registration is discounted for Pension Fund Representatives to attend with a number of industry passes available.  To register your interest in the event or to find out more contact Laura Sitzia at or call +44 207 700 4949.