Karthi Pillay

Retirement Scheme Governance, Telkom Retirement Fund, South Africa

Karthi Pillay is an established and well respected professional in the pension fund industry in Southern Africa, with particular expertise in the new frontier practice of responsible investing and corporate governance and serves as a Specialist in Retirement Fund Governance: He is responsible for Compliance, Stakeholder Management and Transformation for the Telkom Retirement Fund. He also serves on Advisory Boards on behalf of the Telkom Retirement Fund.

In addition he has served as the 1st Deputy President of the Communication Workers Union (1996 – 2010), as well as represented CWU/COSATU at NEDLAC with particular focus on the ICT Sector and dealt with ICT Sector Job Summit and BEE Charters.  He was a member of the Cosatu Trustee Forum which dealt with Pension Fund Reform.

Karthi who holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and a Bachelor of Technology Management Degree serves as a Steering Committee Member of Sustainable Returns – an initiative of Responsible Investing in South Africa, a participant in King 1V Sectoral Working Group sessions and also served as Deputy Chair of the Telkom Retirement Fund and Member of the Joint Investment Committee.