Edna Dambe

Managing Director, Money Matters

• Established Money Matters as a pioneer and positioned it as a market leader in the provision of independent retirement and personal financial services industry education;
• Pioneered the establishment of the Botswana Pensions Society (BPS) Secretariat, as the Executive Secretary, thus greatly improving the Society’s administration; relationship with stakeholders and achievement of their objectives.
• Designed and facilitated Retirement Fund policy development workshops in line with Regulator’s 2012 introduction of Prudential Rules to ensure clients’ compliance with the same.
• Set up the Botswana Insurance Fund Management Marketing and Public Relations Department as Marketing Manager and developed an effectual Marketing Strategy in the face of a challenging environment.
• Built up Client Relations Strategy to position Botswana Insurance Fund Management from a monopoly to a leading industry player in the face of oncoming competition.
• As Principal Officer of a leading service provider pension fund (Associated Insurance Brokers), put in place an effective communication strategy to ensure member’s active participation in their retirement preparedness.